Paradise Community Church

Paradise Community Church

The life you've always wanted.

Paradise Community Church is one of Australia’s leading churches with a six thousand strong congregation and is situated in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.  The mission of Paradise Community Church is to raise up a community of caring and supportive people who are successful in life having found purpose and destiny through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paradise Community Church

The Christian life is meant to be the most exciting, the most powerful and the most joyful of all lifestyles. Jesus said he came to give life and for that life to be exciting and fully satisfying. The life you’ve always wanted. We are committed to living that kind of life, and we want you to experience it too.

Unity, love and togetherness, combined with a bold faith in God and His Word are the foundations of our church community. Our aim is that every person who walks through the doors of Paradise Community Church would feel loved and would leave each time they visit encouraged to be everything God has called them to be.

Don't just accrue information; build a lifestyle of success and blessing.  Join Paradise College of Ministries today."

Ashley and Jane Evans


Ashley Evans
Senior Pastor Paradise Community Church
Member of the ACC National Executive
Founder of Influencers Conference

Jane Evans
Senior Pastor Paradise Community Church
Founder of bU Conference

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